Additional programme information

Please find additional information about the programme below.


Scottish Government Primary Care division commissions and funds the CTAC network to support CTAC service implementation is a key priority in both the GMS contract (2018) and the recently updated Memorandum of Understanding 2 (MoU 2 2021-2023) agreement between the Scottish GP Committee of British Medical Association (BMA) Scotland and the Scottish Government.


Programme history

2022 - Continuing the CTAC Conversation: Developing the vision of CTAC services in the future and continuing to share examples of good practice and resources, supporting service design, implementation and delivery.

2021 – Remobilising the Network: The first networking session was held November, following hibernation of the programme due to system pressures related to COVID-19.

2019 - 90 Day Learning Cycle: This programme allowed a better understanding of what the key components are in implementing Community Treatment and Care (CTAC) services. It explored how demographics may affect the implementation of CTAC services, for example urban/rural, and what the benefits of CTAC services are to service users and service providers.

2019 – Phase 2/3 Flash Report: This document reports on the second and third phases of the CTAC 90 day learning cycle.

2019 – Phase 1 Flash Report: This document reports on the first phase of the CTAC 90 day learning cycle.


Equality impact assessment

To ensure everyone can benefit regardless of their characteristics or where they access care, we completed an Equality Impact Assessment. This highlights key equality issues that were considered and any actions we took in relation to them. 




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