Join the Community Treatment and Care (CTAC) Network

Healthcare professionals across NHS Boards in primary care settings and HSCPs can join the network by:

  • registering to participate in the network
  • taking part in regular networking sessions where key topics are discussed
  • sharing your real life experiences of CTAC design, implementation and delivery at networking sessions and/or through case studies
  • joining conversations with network members on a dedicated MS teams channel
  • following us on Twitter @SPSP_PC for the latest CTAC updates and news, and
  • reading our previous events summaries where exchanges within the sessions are drawn together into key themes and learning.


Taking part in networking sessions

An event in which CTAC network members get together to share experiences and best practice of service design and delivery.

  • CTAC network session #10 will be held on 27 September 2023
    Register your interest in this event by emailing the team at

Previous network sessions

  • CTAC network session, 22 June 2023 
    Using data to understand demand, capacity and activity in CTAC services - Data collection request 2023
  • CTAC network session, 27 April 2023 
    Gathering data to understand demand, capacity and activity in CTAC services - April 2023 event summary
  • CTAC network session, 1 February 2023 
    Focus for the coming year, sharing learning and mapping CTAC services - February 2023 event summary
  • CTAC network session, 16 November 2022 
    Celebrating CTAC network one year anniversary, shaping network over the coming year & continuing to develop understanding of CTAC services in other areas - November 2022 event summary

  • CTAC network session, 7 September 2022, 09.30am - 11.30am 
    Engaging with key stakeholders to develop CTAC services - September 2022 event summary

  • CTAC network session, 23 June 2022
    Developing CTAC services - June 2022 event summary 

  • CTAC network session, 04 May 2022 
    A week in the life of a CTAC Lead / Primary Care Modernisation Manager - May 2022 event summary.

  • CTAC network session 23 February 2022 
    Exploring future CTAC service design and delivery – February 2022 event summary.

  • CTAC network session 25 November 2022 
    Remobilising the CTAC network – November 2021 event summary.


Joining in the conversation on the dedicated MS Teams Channel 

This is a platform where you can interact with network members and colleagues from across the country to share learning and experiences. It is a place where members can engage with each other via messages or meetings, either on a one to one or group basis. You can continue the conversation on key topics in dedicated sub-channels, where files and guidance can be shared instantly.

Register to join the channel here.


Keep up to date

Register for our mailing list or follow us at @SPSP_PC to keep up to date with the latest activity.   

More Information

You can contact us at to enquire about joining the CTAC Network.