Get Involved

Those involved in GP cluster working can participate in the programme by:

  • joining the network's Microsoft (MS) Teams channel
  • taking part in network sessions, and 
  • reading our previous event summaries, where presentations and exchanges within the sessions are drawn together into key themes and learning.


Join the network's MS Teams channel

The MS Teams channels provide a collaborative workspace for members to:

  • post questions and answers
  • share files and resources, and
  • contribute to the content and design of the network and network sessions.

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Attend network sessions

We host three virtual meetings per year, open to anyone involved in cluster working.

  • CQL Network Session 1 - Wednesday 22 September at 13:00
  • GPCIN Session 2 - Tuesday 21 February at 13:00. The aims of this session are:
    • to network and connect CQLs, PQLs and those supporting clusters across Scotland
    • share work related to cluster working, and
    • learn about data for improvement.
  • GPCIN Session 3 - Wednesday 17 May 2023
  • GPCIN Session 4 - Thursday 21 September 2023


Keep up to date

You can contact us at to register for our Primary Care mailing list or follow us on Twitter at @SPSP_PC to keep up to date with the latest activity in the HIS Primary Care Portfolio.


More information

You can contact us at to ask questions about joining the GP Cluster Improvement Network or to arrange a time to speak to a member of the team about joining the network.

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