Quality Improvement

The quality expert Joseph Juran stated that to attain ‘quality’ there needs to be a clear vision for an organisation. Juran's quality management approach describes the delivery of this vision as a consequence of three interlinked processes: Quality Planning; Quality Improvement and Quality Control and are explored further in the sections below.

  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality Control

Quality Improvement courses (online)

There are six foundation level and two practitioner level modules, which provide a basic introduction to the widely used improvement methodology, to support the use of continuous improvement in the community pharmacy setting. Undertaking these modules will help to ensure that pharmacists have the knowledge, skills and ability to support their teams to embed continuous improvement into their day-to-day practice. Each module should take one hour to complete.  

Staff working at foundation level will be functioning as part of a team to improve service delivery in their own workplace. Foundation learning resources introduce staff to widely used improvement methods to help support them achieve the outcome they are aiming for.The foundation level modules are:

Staff working at practitioner level will be leading a team to improve service delivery in their own local workplace.  Practitioner learning resources will support development of a clear understanding of a range of improvement methods to improvement service delivery at local level. Staff working at practitioner level will include people working in support services, such as administration, finance estates and facilities and staff working in clinical settings.The practitioner level modules are:


Primary Care Improvement 

Existing resources to support quality improvement in primary care are available in the links below:

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SPSP Dentistry in Primary Care

Reducing Pressure Ulcers in Care Homes

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