Improving Together interactive

Improving Together interactive (ITi) is a one-stop-shop that hosts and signposts to a range of improvement tools, materials and resources to support those driving quality improvement in primary care. 

ITi will assist GP Clusters in the implementation of Improving Together, the Scottish Government’s National Framework for Quality and GP Clusters. This framework replaced QOF, the Quality and Outcomes Framework, in January 2017.

If you have any ideas that you would us to use in Improving Together, please submit your ideas here.

How to find information and resources

Resources on this portal are organised as follows:

Patient level

Patient Care

CKD | Dementia | Diabetes | Frailty | Mental Health | Patient Safety

Patient groups

Migrant health | Vulnerable children and families

Patient Safety

DMARDS | NSAIDS | Warfarin

Practice level

Improving access

Care Navigation 

Improving protocols and processes

Document management 

Context specific

Deep end | Remote and rural 

Cluster level


GP Jobs | Internships

GMS Priorities

Cluster improvement plans | community link workers  | community treatment and care services | Pharmacotherapy | urgent care | Vaccinations

National strategic level

A National Clinical Strategy for Scotland | A Route Map for the 2020 Vision (PDF) | Guidance for GP Clusters (PDF) | Health and Social Care Delivery Plan (PDF) | Improving Together | Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) | National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes (PDF) | Practising Realistic Medicine (PDF) | Primary Care Outcome (PDF) |Reducing Health Inequalities | The 2018 GMS Contract for Scotland


How to find data

Visit the SPARKS page from ISD Scotland to learn more about:

  • Local Intelligence Support (LIST)
  • Scottish Primary Care Information Resource (SPIRE)
  • Primary Care Information Dashboards
  • NSS Discovery and GP Cluster Dashboard
  • Prescribing
  • Scottish Patients at Risk of Readmission and Admission (SPARRA)
  • High Health Gain Individuals
  • Health and Social Care Data Integration
  • Care Home Census
  • The Scottish Public Health Observatory (ScotPHO)
  • Service Access – Mental Health
  • Service Access – Unscheduled Care
How to find educational opportunities

To find out more about educational opportunities for developing leadership, facilitation, quality improvement, data intelligence, workforce engagement, coaching and mentoring skills download the GP Cluster Learning Matrix by NES.

How to learn from others

Interested in improvement but don’t know where to start? Take a look at local team’s QI posters or explore our case studies for a more in depth look on a project.

We are always looking to share the learning from work happening locally to be shared nationally. If you have resources, events, or news GP Clusters might find useful, please submit your ideas here


Find out more about what's happening in primary care by visiting the events section of this webpage. If you want to advertise your event here please use this form to submit your ideas here

Learn more about the portal

Improving Together Interactive Portal has been co-produced with multiple national organisations. 

 Get in touch if you have any queries or requests for ITi.

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National strategic level

Find national policies and guidance as well as information on how to plan strategically for health inequalities.

Browse National strategic level