Developing Networks

We're committed to building Primary Care networks across Scotland.

Why focus on this?

Significant research and feedback from the ground up advocates the value and impact that sharing knowledge and learning with colleagues and peers can have at an operational level.  We operate with the philosophy of 'all share all learn'. This runs through the core of quality improvement teaching and serves as founding principle for the development and maintenance of these valuable and powerful communities of practice. This is part of creating the conditions for successful cluster working.

Who are we working with?

GP clusters and staff working within primary care are our primary stakeholders.

We host the following networks to support quality planning and improvement and shared learning across the system:

We are also collaborating with national partners (such as NHS National Services Scotland Information Services Division, NHS Education for Scotland, and NHS Health Scotland) in the development and delivery of a range of opportunities and offerings to advance quality improvement and leadership capacity and capability.

What are we trying to achieve?

To facilitate sharing, learning, improvement and reform within the primary care setting. We seek to nurture networks and communities of practice across Scotland around themes of interest and professional groups.

How will we do this?

As part of our activity we will be delivering events, webinars, networking platforms and newsletters in collaboration with network members.

In addition to this, we hosted regional networking events between May and June 2019 to connect with the wide range of professionals involved in quality improvement. These enabled opportunities for others to connect in with local and nation opportunities and support. We also listened to those working locally to inform our improvement support offerings going forward.