Practice Administrative Staff Collaborative

Supporting the development of practice administrative teams to improve GP practice processes.

The aim of the Practice Administrative Staff Collaborative (PASC) is to support practice administrative staff to develop their quality improvement (QI) skills while improving key GP practice processes and outcomes and care experience for people, families and staff.

PASC: Activity to Date

In February 2018 PASC was launched to support the development of practice administrative teams and improve GP practice processes. Six HSCPs participated in this improvement journey.

PASC focused on two areas:

  • Workflow optimisation - to reduce the amount of time GPs spend on correspondence management.
  • Improving care navigation - to make the best use of GP practice appointments and resources in order for patients to be seen by the right person, at the right time and in the right place. 

Click here to find out more about the first phase of PASC.

PASC: What's Happening Now?

The Primary Care Improvement Portfolio is working with 15 Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) across Scotland to support 185 GP practices to adopt and adapt the learning from the first phase of PASC  in relation to workflow optimisation and care navigation. This will be achieved using a combination of existing tools and resources already tested and developed the application of QI methodology.

During the collaborative the Primary Care Improvement Portfolio will:

  • Support the development of QI capacity and capability in participating GP Practices
  • Support practices to improve processes for either: 
    • workflow optimisation, or 
    • care navigation
  • Provide access to QI tools and related resources to support the testing of interventions and measure improvement

By May 2020 participating practices will have either:

  • Reduced the number of documents being workflowed to GPs by 50%, or
  • Increased the number of appropriate patient referrals by 30%

Who are we working with?

We will be adopting a regional approach to the delivery of this collaborative which will be supporting 185 GP practices from the 15 HSCPs listed below to take part:


- Angus

- Borders

- Dundee

- East Ayrshire

- East Dunbartonshire

- East Renfrewshire

- Edinburgh City

- Fife

- Glasgow City

- Highland

- North Ayrshire

- Perth & Kinross

- Shetland

- South Ayrshire

              HSCPs participating in PASC 2019-2020


Collaborative milestones

Each GP practice team, (including a GP lead, Practice Manager and Administrative Officer) will participate in the following activities in accordance with their regional timetable:

Key dates

Learning Session 1  Ayrshire & Arran

12 & 13 Nov 2019

Learning Session 1 Inverness

19 & 20 Nov 2019

Learning Session 1 Edinburgh

3 & 4 Dec 2019

Learning Session 1 Glasgow

10 & 11 Dec 2019

WebEx series

Jan - Feb 2020

Learning Session 2 – Ayrshire & Arran

March 2020

Learning Session 2 - Inverness

March 2020

Learning Session 2 - Glasgow

March 2020

Learning Session 2 - Edinburgh

March 2020

National Showcasing Event

May 2020



Stay in contact

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