We work with GP practices to improve access to general practice.


The impact of COVID-19 has increased the urgency to improve access to primary care.  

Improving Access to General Practice is a prototyping programme which will support GP practices to identify the root cause of access issues, prioritise changes and use quality improvement methodology to test and embed changes to improve access to care.

The programme aims to deliver improvements by testing an innovative approach based on sprint methodology. Practices will benefit by:

  • receiving expert quality improvement advice though a series of workshops and coaching support
  • receiving support to collect and analyse demand, capacity and activity data and design, test and measure changes 
  • identifying gaps in demand, capacity and/or activity and other evidence that would support general practice to improve access
  • developing change ideas to embed in the longer term. 


Support for GP practices 

We support GP practices over an eight week sprint by: 

  • providing quality improvement coaching  
  • delivering learning sessions 
  • providing guidance on GP Access Tools  
  • providing advice and support 
  • supporting on the effective use of data, and
  • supporting identification and testing of change ideas. 


Get involved

Three GP practices within one GP cluster are testing the sprint methodology. You can get involved by:

  • Using our GP Access Tools to implement changes to improve access  to general practice. 


Get in touch 

Email us at his.pcpteam@nhs.scot if you have a question about the Improving Access to General Practice test sprint.