GP practices participating in Improving Access to General Practice work.


Testing improvement sprint  

From August 2022 to October 2022, we worked with a cluster in NHS Grampian to test the use of improvement sprints to improve access to general practice.

Practice  Selected Topic  Data Collected Next Steps and Change Ideas 
Practice 1 Appointment demand: eConsult Comparison between admin & clinical staff decision on eConsult Admin to directly appoint % of eConsult contacts without triage.
Practice 2 Appointment demand:
Duty team identified what each triage contact could/should have been Nurse led minor illness clinic implemented with admin following criteria to appoint directly
Practice 3 Administrative demand:
Phone calls
Tally of which category every phone call received fell in to Use of text messaging service to remind patients to order prescriptions on time, promote online ordering and alert when prescription sent to pharmacy
Practice 4  Pharmacotherapy demand:
Acute prescriptions
Scottish Therapeutic Utility (STU) - repeated acutes Development of standard operating procedure to issue drug sub classes on permissible repeat


Development of analysis tools

From November 2021 to January 2022, we worked with six practice to test and develop a range of analyst tools to help understand demand and activity to improve access to general practice. This lead to the development of GP Access Tools resources.

Practice Selected Topic  Data Collected  Next Steps and Change Ideas  Links to further information 
Arbroath Medical Centre Appointment demand:
Number of appointments left at different times of each day over the course of a week Clinical triage Arbroath Medical Centre
Barns Medical Centre Administrative demand:
Phone calls
Number and category of patient requests coming into the practice over the course of a week Deeper dive into administrative team activities and clinical face-to-face & phone consultations Barns Medical Centre
Kirriemuir Medical Practice Other clinical demand: Home Visits Number of home visits completed and who by during the course of a week Deeper dive into review of home visit appointment scheduling and review of outcomes activity Kirriemuir Medical Practice
Lour Road Group Practice Other clinical demand and administrative demand Patient requests coming into the practice over the course of the week and which team (clinical or non-clinical) managed them

Confirmation of further requirement for GP time, prescription request training for administrative team members and review of urine request pathways

Lour Road Group Practice
Ravenswood Surgery

Other clinical demand: Messages/Tasks

Administrative demand: Phone calls

Number of patient requests requiring clinical action

Number and type of GP messages received in addition to appointments

Further brainstorming to consider change ideas in relation to all practice demand and activity management

Ravenswood Surgery
Yell Health Centre Other clinical demand:
Number of tasks/messages assigned to the clinical team on a daily basis over a week

Signposting patients to mainland pharmacist (where appropriate and acute and serial prescription once allocated pharmacist in post

Yell Health Centre


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