We work with primary care staff to share emerging learning that improves the delivery of primary care

Primary care services have undergone significant changes in recent years. The Scottish General Medical Services Contract (2018) included a significant expansion of other members of the primary care team, such as pharmacists and advanced nurse practitioners. This change was to enable GPs, as expert medical generalists, to focus on undifferentiated presentations, complex care and quality and leadership. The GP contract also introduced the concept of ‘clusters’ or groups of practices working together to improve the quality of care delivered to their local population. More recently, the response to COVID-19 also led to a rapid change in how general practice operates.

Given the rapid and significant changes happening in primary care, the Primary Care Learning System can support primary care staff to connect with each other, share learning and insights, and build on each others experiences to accelerate the improvement of primary care services.


Support for primary care staff

We support primary care services by enabling the sharing of learning and best practices in the following ways.

  • Hosting the Primary Care Webinars where people can connect, share experiences and reflect on current topics. We do this in collaboration with colleagues from Scottish Government, the Royal College of General Practitioners and NHS Education for Scotland.
  • Developing case studies to share the learning and insights and/or to demonstrate the impact of improvement activities.
  • Developing toolkits to enable the spread of best practice.
  • Promoting resources via social media and/or at events.


Get involved

You can get involved in the Primary Care Learning System by:

  • joining our mailing list to be kept informed about new resources, events and other relevant updates in relation to primary care - sign up here
  • watching previous webinar recordings or reading the webinar summaries to learn about what was discussed on a wide range of topics
  • accessing case studies to share learning and insights and demonstrate the impact of improvement activities from others, and
  • sharing your work with us by emailing us at his.pcpteam@nhs.scot, so that we can assess how best to share your learning and experience with others.

Get in touch

Email us at his.pcpteam@nhs.scot if you have a question about the Primary Care Learning System.