Join the Primary Care Improvement Collaborative 


We are delighted to announce that applications are now open for primary care services to join our new Primary Care Improvement Collaborative. The collaborative will launch in April 2024 and conclude in December 2025. 

If you are interested in applying, please complete an application form on behalf of your team.

Are you confused about the collaborativeCome along to meet with us on Tuesday 25 June 1-2pm to learn more. Please register here

Participating teams will be supported to focus on improving an aspect of access, pharmacotherapy or Community Treatment and Care (CTAC) services or a combination of these. 

Participating teams will have the opportunity to choose activities depending on their capacity and priorities. This overview graphic shows proposed activities for 2024. The programme will be confirmed once we understand which areas are of greatest interest to collaborative members. 

See below for more information, or watch the recording from our online information session.


Support for collaborative teams 

Joining the collaborative gives primary care teams access to: 

  • Quality Improvement (QI) skills sessions 
  • improvement sprints with hands-on support to improve an aspect of access, pharmacotherapy or CTAC over a four- or eight-week period 
  • monthly support and learning sessions  
  • ongoing support from our improvement advisors 
  • an extensive range of resources and toolkits, and 
  • learning from across the collaborative and phased investment programme demonstrator sites. 


Joining criteria for collaborative teams 

The collaborative is open to any primary care team interested in using quality improvement to improve an aspect of their service, including: 

  • GP clusters 
  • GP practices 
  • pharmacotherapy teams 
  • CTAC teams, and 
  • other primary care multidisciplinary teams. 


Support for sprints 

During a sprint our improvement advisors will support you to: 

  • create the conditions for improvement 
  • understand your current system 
  • identify, plan and test a change 
  • use data and measurement for improvement 
  • identify when to implement and scale change, and 
  • share learning. 


Criteria for sprints 

To participate in an improvement sprint, teams must also fulfil the following criteria: 

  • be able to identify a project team, including a decision maker, project lead and administrative support 
  • be able to commit between two and four hours per week over an eight-week period. This will be a mixture of sessions with the Primary Care Improvement Portfolio (PCIP) team and time to work on the project within your team, and 
  • have the agreement of any required key partners for example a general practice for a CTAC team. 


Get in touch

Email us at if you have a question about the Primary Care Improvement Collaborative.