We know that sharing our knowledge and experiences of what we’ve achieved and how we’ve achieved it is the cornerstone of any good networking activity and connections. But how to we achieve this in addition to doing our jobs in the fast paced, complex world of health and social care?

We all link in to personal and professional networks that support us to connect around similar interests. The complexity of health and social care presents opportunities for a cross sector network to exist that supports knowledge exchange, networking and shared learning.

Service Description

The Improvement Network aims to work collaboratively across the sectors to further enhance the reach and connections of people from all levels of organisations and sectors to come together to focus on a common purpose, theme or issue. Through the exchange of knowledge, ideas and information we aim to increase the pace of improvement work across Scotland.


The Networks Team supports a number of networks across sectors, for example, the Q community. If you wish to build or connect your network please contact us.


Health and Social Care Partnerships and NHS Boards

Benefits of programme

Networking is about making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial relationships. Supports signposting and helps to create the conditions to network effectively.