Service Description

NHS Board Members are invited to participate in the following ways:

  • Attend National Masterclasses. Board Members from across Scotland will be invited to share experiences and hear from keynote speakers.
  • Request bespoke in-board sessions. We will support Boards with their individual development sessions. This may range from designing a stand-alone session that meets the individual Board’s needs, to being a critical friend in the background for Boards who wish to run their own sessions. We will seek to do what adds most value for any individual Board.
  • Testing web-conferencing connection methods Board Members will be invited to test suitability of potential of online connection methods in order to connect Board Members and to enable them to continue their quality improvement development, whilst reducing travel time and cost burdens
  • Read and respond to shared resources. We will communicate with Board Members (for example, through emails, briefings and social media) to highlight relevant articles, blogs, literature and online content.
  • Get in touch, if you want an individual conversation about QI for Board members. We will respond to individual requests or queries related to QI.

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