Supporting health and care organisations to reliably deliver high quality care

Delivery of high quality care requires organisations to have a consistent and coordinated approach to managing quality that is applied from team through to board level. This is known as a Quality Management System (QMS)

Figure 1: The QMS Framework (working draft 4)

Figure 1: The QMS Framework (working draft 4)

For further information about QMS, please refer to the section About Quality Management System.

We have developed the document 'Moving from Quality Improvement to Quality Management' to increase awareness and understanding of the thinking and theory behind the Healthcare Improvement Scotland QMS Framework.


Support for health and care organisations

We work with health and care organisations and support them to:

  1. Build knowledge and understanding about what is required to embed a quality management approach across all health and care services
  2. Share learning and resources to enable others to learn with and from each other to speed up improved outcomes
  3. Develop sustainable quality infrastructures
  4. Create the right conditions to support redesign and improvement of services


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