Knowledge into action

Support the spread of good ideas and effective practice across organisations and through the system to maximise impact and outcomes for all.

Spreading new ideas and methods quickly and at scale is a significant challenge across health and social care.

Turning knowledge into action can look very different. Action may involve taking additional time to gather extra information, develop more effective networks, working in a more focused way with local stakeholders, as well as testing new ways to apply changes.

The Knowledge into Action Toolkit is a resource which has been developed to help librarians and other knowledge brokers support the use of knowledge to inform practice.

  • Identify enablers and barriers to improvement
  • Use insights and deeper understanding of how improvements have been made to support scale-up and spread
  • Co-production of tools and resources to support implementation of improvement
  • Make connections to national priorities, assess the most suitable spread mechanism and/or the specific changes or testing required
  • Accessible and categorised information for effective knowledge management