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Much of the six-step approach to programme evaluation developed by HIS is Image showing a speach buble and a question marktransferrable to learning system evaluation:

Step 1: Planning

How to decide the type and timing of evaluation, who to involve and what will be required

Step 2: Framing

How to clarify what is being evaluated about a programme (using theory of change) and how the evaluation should be structured

Step 3: Focusing

How priority questions are set that the evaluation will be designed to answer

Step 4: Designing

How the methods of collecting and analysing information are developed

Step 5: Collecting and analysing

How information is collected and interpreted

Step 6: Synthesising and reporting

How the evaluation questions are answered and the findings shared

Source: A guide to programme evaluation in quality improvement, Evidence and Evaluation for Improvement Team (EEvIT), Healthcare Improvement Scotland

  • Collect evidence of impact
  • Promote self-reflection and flexibility in practice
  • Assess achievement on aim and effect on inequalities