The improvement fund has no additional funding to allocate for the foreseeable future due to changing service priorities. If the situation changes information will be shared on the ihub website.


The Improvement Fund is part of the grant making function of Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s (HIS) Improvement Hub (ihub). We look to fund projects at a local level that improve the quality of health and social care services in Scotland.

The fund was set up to support and encourage health and social care organisations to:

  • test and develop innovative practices that can contribute to the delivery of the National Health and Wellbeing Outcomes
  • contribute to the delivery of local integration priorities and strategies and the reducing inequalities agenda
  • increase the likelihood of change ideas being implemented locally and influencing thinking and practice nationally
  • identify and document learning and best practices that can be shared to scale and rolled out across Scotland, and
  • support the development of improvement capacity and capability across health and social care.

For more information about the Improvement Fund, please contact

When working with front line health and social care services we often find individuals and teams with great ideas about how to make improvement that just need a little bit of additional funding to implement. The ihub’s Improvement Fund was developed for exactly these kinds of situations. It provides small grants to enable services to test and develop innovative practices which have the potential to impact the quality of health and social care across Scotland. We also provide funding to support services to spread ideas that have already been tested and demonstrated a positive impact on outcomes. The improvement fund, now in its second year, allows us to work in partnership with health and social care organisations across Scotland to develop new ideas, test and evaluate those ideas locally, and then spread the learning nationally. Organisations are now invited to submit applications for the 17/18 round of funding. Successful projects will be awarded grants to help develop services that will ultimately contribute to enabling people to receive the right support and care, in the right place, at the right time." Ruth Glassborow | Director of Improvement