SPSP Community Sites

Additional tools and resources for all SPSP programmes can be found on their respective community sites on the Knowledge Network (see links below).  Please note that the Acute Adult and MCQIC Maternity Care community sites are currently only accessible to NHSScotland staff in possession of an Athens password.  The other sites are not password protected but access to some features may be limited.

Partner Organisations

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) has the focus and key responsibility to help NHSScotland and independent healthcare providers deliver high quality, evidence-based, safe, effective and person-centred care; and to scrutinise services to provide public assurance about the quality and safety of that care.  Healthcare Improvement Scotland takes a lead role in co-ordinating the work of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP).  

For more information, visit Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

NHS Education for Scotland

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) are a special health board responsible for supporting NHS services in Scotland by developing and delivering education and training for those who work in NHSScotland, and have worked closely with Healthcare Improvement Scotland to develop a number of the tools used in the Programme.  

For more information, visit NES.

NHS Health Scotland

NHS Health Scotland is a national health board working to reduce health inequalities and improve health. It provides evidence of what works to reduce health inequalities, works across all sectors in Scotland to put this evidence into action, and supports national and local policy makers to design and evaluate interventions that help build a fairer, healthier Scotland. 

For more information, visit Health Scotland.

Scottish Government

The Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorate aims to help people sustain and improve their health, especially in disadvantaged communities, ensuring better, local and faster access to healthcare.  The Directorate also allocates resources and sets the strategic direction for NHSScotland and is responsible for the development and implementation of health and social care policy. 

For more information, visit Scottish Government.

NHS National Services Scotland

Working at the heart of the health service, National Services Scotland deliver services critical to front-line patient care, to support the efficient and effective operation of NHS Scotland. 

For more information contact: NSS.


Royal College of Nursing

The UK's largest union and professional body for nursing. For more information about RCN please click here.

RCN have produced resources for nursing staff who are caring for older people and people with dementia. These resources can be found by clicking on the hyper links.