Falls remain a common cause of harm to patients in acute hospitals with as many as 250,000 falls recorded in the UK each year. 

Many factors contribute to the risk of falls in acute wards. A combination of processes which include risk assessment falls bundles, review of local environment and the use of safety crosses help to understand and communicate data which contributes to a measurable reduction in harm.

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Falls case studies - June 2018

During the first 3 months of 2018, the Scottish Patient Safety Programme – Acute Adult (SPSP-AA) team visited four NHS boards who were reporting an improvement in the rate of falls and falls with harm in their acute hospitals. The purpose of these visits was to undertake case studies to explore and understand the factors that may be influencing these successes. The learning has been shared with other NHS boards and supported the revision of the falls diver diagram and change package. Download the report here.

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