VTE Borders Project

Healthcare Improvement Scotland supported a one year improvement project in NHS Borders to understand the barriers and enablers to correct delivery of thrombophylaxis. The project aimed to review and improve delivery of evidence based care to reduce Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) so that ≥ 95% of patients in pilot ward(s) receive VTE risk assessment and correct thromboprophylaxis measures according to SIGN 122 guidelines.

NHS Borders produced a range of tools and materials for staff and awareness-raising resources for the public which are available below. The report outlines the interventions used, key findings and recommendations for future delivery models. 

Final report on the VTE project in NHS Borders(Nov 2017)(PDF)

Interim report on the VTE project in NHS Borders(Dec 2016)(PDF)

Driver diagram, change package and measurement plan(Nov 2017)

Including people in VTE prevention - Think Clots


Risk assessment tool

Baseline data collection tool