Pharmacy - References and Resources

The resources below have been developed for use in the community pharmacy setting.

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

All our NSAIDs resources, including the NSAIDs Communication Care Bundle Guide and toolkit are available in our Pharmacy Pack.

Warfarin flyer

Warfarin flyer (PDF)– These patient information leaflets focus on four key points of information. They were developed after using “teach back” principles with patients that are prescribed warfarin.

Warfarin Teach Back Counselling tool 

Warfarin Teach Back Counselling tool (PDF) – This tool is designed to be used when a trained member of staff is counselling a patient on their warfarin. QR scanning Apps on smart phones/tablets/iPads etc can be used to the scan the QR code (that links to the warfarin patient information video below). After viewing this video, if the patient/carer is unaware of the key points of information listed this can be marked with non-permanent marker pen and any issues recorded as a ‘care issue’ for follow up on the Patient Care Record (PCR) software.

Warfarin Patient Information Video

This video has been developed to provide key points of information for patients and carers of patients that are prescribed warfarin.

NHS Warfarin from Healthcare Improvement Scotland on Vimeo.

High Risk Medicine Intervention sticker

High Risk Medicine Intervention sticker (PDF) – These stickers are designed to be placed on the prescription bags of patients that receive a high risk medicine (e.g warfarin). This will alert the pharmacy staff involved that extra action or care may be required.

Kardex for multi-compartment compliance aids (MCA)

Kardex for multi-compartment compliance aids (MCA) (PDF) – This tool has been designed to assist in the  dispensing process of a MCA as well as the record keeping of communicated changes. The details of the MCA medication and any items to be supplied in addition (e.g fridge line/controlled drug) can be recorded on one side of the form. The other side is designed to record communicated changes or amendments. There is a space for which prescriber communicated the change and which pharmacist has reviewed and acknowledged the change before dispensing.