Medicines Sick Day Rules Card

To complement the publication of the updated Polypharmacy Guidance  (April 2018), NHSScotland and the Scottish Patient Safety Programme are making the Medicine Sick Day Rules card available nationally. The cards are intended for use as a tool to support conversations between healthcare professionals and patients about their medicines and dehydration.

The Medicines Sick Day Rules card has been updated with the addition of space to allow health care professionals to add other medicines that sick day rules also apply to.

The cards were originally tested and evaluated in NHS Highland with input from patients, carers, pharmacists and doctors.

A Useful Resource

The Medicine Sick Day Rules card is a useful resource for patients, carers, and health professionals, as it promotes better management of long-term conditions through the safer, more effective and person-centred use of medicines. It helps to raise awareness of potential harms if patients continue to take certain widely prescribed medicines whilst suffering from a dehydrating illness.

Electronic copies

You can download electronic versions of the Medicine Sick Day Rules card and leaflets for patients and professionals from the links below. We have included high resolution print-ready PDFs, should you wish to use external printing companies to print hard copies locally. 

Please note we no longer have any Cards in stock and cannot supply any.

Medicines Sick Day Rules Card - Front and Back