NSAIDS Dispensing GP Practices toolkit

In Spring 2019 Dispensing GP practices across Scotland received their NSAIDs toolkit containing the NSAIDs Communication Care Bundle and resources to support your team to implement it in your practice.

Dispensing GPs - Communication Care Bundle WebEx

We ran a WebEx on 25 June 2019 to explain more about how this toolkit can help you ensure your patients have better information about how to take NSAIDs safely. The presentation slides and WebEx recording will be available here soon. In the meantime check out the resources below.

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) Care Bundle toolkit

All the resources in the toolkit box have been developed to help your dispensary team consistently deliver the key safety messages and improve the safety of NSAIDs by ensuring patients have better information about how to take NSAIDs safely. The NSAIDs pharmacy pack for community pharmacists is located here.

Our NSAIDs GP Dispensing Practices communication care bundle guide outlines how these resources can be used. 

NSAIDs care bundle

NSAIDs Communication Care Bundle – this toolkit provides a range of resources designed to help you implement the communication bundle and help you build your safety culture. Your NSAIDs toolkit box includes the following:

Resources for data collection


Resources to support implementation


data collection sheet 

NSAIDs safety message dispensing prompt

run chart 1 

NSAID Stickers

run chart 2 

NSAIDs Safety Information cards

run chart 3

Medicines Sick Day Rules Cards

run chart 4

Medicine Sick Day Rules patient leaflet

1 wipe clean pen

Medicine Sick Day Rules professional leaflet


Data collection

Your NSAIDs toolkit includes a data collection form and four run chart sheets. If your team prefers to capture data electronically, data can be entered into the Excel data collection tool. The electronic data collection tool will produce charts for the Communication element.

NSAIDs Data Tool 

Our guide on how to use run charts for improvement is available to download here

Supporting materials

The following resources on our webpage ihub.scot/pharmacy-pack were developed with community pharmacy in mind but may be useful for dispensing practices too.

Print-ready versions of the Medicine Sick Day Rules card and leaflets are available to download here along with guidance for external print companies. A print-ready version of the NSAIDs Safety Information card is available to download here.

Further supplies are expected to be managed locally. 

For further support, please contact your local Quality Improvement contact or the Primary Care Portfolio team his.pcpteam@nhs.scot.