Pharmacy in Primary Care

Supporting primary care teams to improve the care of patients that are prescribed high risk medicines

Dispensing GPs Practices Pack

More information about the NSAIDs toolkit can be found on our Dispensing GPs Practices Pack.

Following our successful Pharmacy in Primary Care Collaborative (see video below for details), pharmacists working in primary care are engaging in improvement activities around high risk medicines and developing a safer culture within their teams.

Resources and tools have been developed  for use within community pharmacies and are available here: References and Resources.

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)

All our resources associated with the NSAIDs toolkit are available here: Pharmacy Pack.

Continuous improvement: 2018 - 2019 activities:

NHS Circular PCA (P) (2017) 13 sets out the quality improvement requirements for community pharmacy teams around improving care for patients being supplied with NSAIDs.

Further details of the community pharmacy quality improvement agenda were released in PCA (P) (2018) 2. This highlights the requirement to complete the Pharmacy Safety Climate Survey for a second year and to develop an action plan for discussion with the whole pharmacy team. This circular also gives additional details of the NSAIDs Communication Care Bundle Toolkit developed to support safer care.