The Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) is part of Healthcare Improvement Scotland's Improvement Hub supporting improvement across health and social care. This is a unique national programme that aims to improve the safety of healthcare and reduce the level of harm experienced by people using healthcare services. SPSP aims to support National Health and Wellbeing Outcome 7: People using health and social care services are safe from harm. 

The programme, is also part of the wider Mental Health portfolio within Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s Improvement Hub (ihub), using the improvement collaborative approach which underpins the programme and supports NHS boards with focused improvement work in identified priority areas to support local delivery of improvements.

The aim of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme for Mental Health is People are and feel safe.

SPSP Mental Health is working with the Scottish Government and partners to deliver the "Mental Health Strategy: 2017 - 2027" which has meant that the SPSP-MH programme is now expanding its remit from inpatient units to include Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), Perinatal Services, Older Peoples Services, learning disabilities, as well as community. There will be a continuation of work within in-patient General Adult Psychiatry (GAP) wards and units.

Cultivating learning among those delivering and in receipt of care, using that knowledge to improve safety, are core values of the Scottish Patient Safety Programme for Mental Health (SPSP-MH). Collaboration and innovation from staff, service users and carers and the use of quality improvement and improvement science have been pivotal over the last 7 years.

Safety Principles in Mental Health

The Safety Principles in Mental Health have been revised and condensed into four principles.


     Communication                   Leadership & Culture         Least Restrictive Practice       Physical Health

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Scottish Patient Safety Programme Improving Observation Practice (SPSP-IOP)

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme–Improving Observation Practice (SPSP IOP) aims to extend and build on existing good practice in mental health services to provide an improved model of person-centred care that can be applied in any healthcare setting.

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Human Rights Based Approach

Healthcare Improvement Scotland is the national organisation which drives improvements in the quality of healthcare people receive in Scotland. The SPSP Mental Health programme has undertaken a Human Rights Based Approach delivery and further details can be found here Please watch the below video to see the importance of undertaking a rights based approach to delivery.

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