Pharmacy Safety Climate Survey

The Pharmacy Safety Climate Survey is available to every community pharmacy team in Scotland. This survey will produce a ‘snapshot’ of the safety culture in your pharmacy and help you to start a conversation in an open and supportive way about patient safety within your pharmacy team and focus on where you can make improvements.

Please note that the national 2018 Pharmacy Safety Climate Survey period has now closed. However, you may continue to complete the survey as part of your own pharmacy improvement plan.

Pharmacy Safety Climate Action Plan

Pharmacy Safety Climate Action Plan (PDF) – This briefing tool is designed to help community pharmacy teams discuss the results of their safety climate survey during regular safety huddles. The briefing tool is designed to be printed on both sides of an A4 sheet so that the host of the meeting can reference the  “suggested topics for discussion” on one side while presenting the other side to the rest of their team, prompting discussion. The tool can then be displayed in a prominent place as a reminder of your team’s discussion whilst facilitating team focus.

If you have any feedback, questions or ideas for tests of change of your own then please e-mail 

Why complete the survey?

How do I complete the survey?

Undertaking the Safety Climate Survey was the priority theme for 2018 set out in NHS Circular

All community pharmacy teams were therefore expected to undertake this activity during 2018.

Please read the detailed guide and view the short animation before running the survey in your team.

Example Pharmacy Safety Climate Survey report. Any questions please get in touch with the team