Primary Care Sepsis Collaborative

Sepsis is a condition that affects all members of the population: the young and the old, the fit and healthy as well as the frail and vulnerable. It is often difficult to recognise and delays in treatment can have a devastating effect on patients and their families.  Between summer 2016 and spring 2018 we worked with three NHS boards and the Scottish Ambulance Service to develop test and implement essential elements for prompt and reliable recognition and appropriate response to deteriorating patients in primary care.

The aim of this work was that by 31 March 2018, 95% patients (aged 16 or over) being escalated from primary care with suspected sepsis would have their national early warning score (NEWS) communicated to the hospital, out-of-hours service, or Scottish Ambulance Service.

Through their involvement in this work, collaborative teams improved quality and safety in primary care and out-of-hours services. Please see end of phase report for more information.


Tuesday 29 May

The aims of this networking day were to:

  • Discuss the priorities and future deliver of SPSP improvement work around deteriorating patients with a focus on Primary Care.


Graham Gauld Presentation

Jennifer Wilson Presentation

Julie Taggart Presentation

Sarah Chalmers Presentation

Delivery of present and future work feedback

Flash report

Current deteriorating patient board work


Sepsis Toolkit

End of phase report

SPSP Primary Care Measurement Plan

Local Resources shared from NHS Lothian District Nursing Team

Edinburgh District Nursing NEWS Audit Tool

EHSCP District Nursing Escalation Tool

NHS Lothian Standard Operating Procedure: EHSCP