About SPSP Neonatal Care 

SPSP Neonatal Care aims to improve outcomes and reduce inequalities in outcomes by providing a safe, high quality care experience for all infants and families across neonatal care settings in Scotland.

SPSP Neonatal Care is currently focusing on:

  • reducing neonatal mortality
  • perinatal optimisation and outcomes for preterm babies through the preterm perinatal wellbeing package (PPWP)
  • reducing term admissions and avoidable separation of mothers and babies during postnatal care, and 
  • highlighting the importance of the Essentials of Safe Care (EoSC) in neonatal care.


Examples of SPSP Neonatal Care quality improvement (QI) interventions

There are numerous examples of neonatal care settings in Scotland that have used data to improve quality of care in neonatal services. They include:

Term admissions 

  • NHS Borders – 40% reduction since May 2020
  • NHS Grampian – 30% reduction since August 2020
  • NHS Lanarkshire – 62% reduction since February 2018
  • NHS Tayside – 42% reduction since October 2017

Admission hypothermia

  • NHS Forth Valley – 64% reduction since April 2018
  • NHS Grampian – 70% reduction since August 2018
  • NHS Lanarkshire – 87% reduction since June 2017


Resources to implement SPSP Neonatal Care QI interventions

Key resources that can help neonatal care services use QI to improve quality of care.

Perinatal optimisation

Admission hypothermia

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)


Get in touch 

Email us at his.mcqic@nhs.scot if you would like to be involved.