Paediatric Early Warning Score (PEWS) charts

PEWS charts allow the paediatric community in Scotland to put into practice a national system-wide paediatric early warning system.

Three versions of each chart are available for each age range:

  • original version
  • version 2 of each chart allows the escalation policy to be customised, and
  • version 3 of each chart allows the escalation policy to be customised and excludes the back page.

The charts are designed to be printed as an A3 document.

The charts are available for five age ranges:

An accompanying teaching package is also available.

Those outside NHS Scotland may adapt the charts for their use but should honour the Creative Commons licence by acknowledging that the charts are the work of Healthcare Improvement Scotland. 


Developing a national PEWS

Recordings of sessions on developing a national PEWS can be viewed here


PEWS tables

PEWS tables are for any clinician to look at normal and abnormal ranges as per national PEWS. To be used as a reference of what may be acceptable range for a set of observations per age.            

Please note that PEWS tables are not validated for use in Primary Care.