SPSP Mental Health

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) is a national quality improvement programme that aims to improve the safety and reliability of care and reduce harm. 

Since the launch of SPSP mental health in 2012, the programme has worked to ensure people are and feel safe in adult mental health inpatient settings.

Underpinned by the robust application of quality improvement methodology SPSP mental health has brought about significant change in outcomes for people across Scotland.

Essentials of Safe Care

The Essentials of Safe Care is practical package of evidence based guidance and support that enables Scotland’s health and social care system to deliver safe care for every person, within every setting, every time. It is the foundation of SPSP mental health.

Essentials of Safe Care page.

Scottish Patient Safety Programme Improving Observation Practice (SPSP-IOP)

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme–Improving Observation Practice (SPSP IOP) aims to extend and build on existing good practice in mental health services to provide an improved model of person-centred care that can be applied in any healthcare setting.

Read more about SPSP Improving Observation Practice 

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