Least Restrictive Practice

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) for mental health is working with stakeholders to develop and support news ways of reducing restrictive practice in adult mental health inpatient units.

A co-design group made up of people with lived experience of mental ill health, clinical staff and other national organisations are working on the following deliverables.


  • Develop a new Least Restrictive Practice change package, which aligns to the Essentials of Safe Care and incorporates innovations in digital healthcare and adaptations to clinical practice in response to Covid 19.
  • Develop new a Least Restrictive Practice measurement framework
  • Agree a method for delivering the change package/measurement framework in 2021 (Explore opportunity to run an Improvement Collaborative)
  • Articulate what an improvement framework for Least Restrictive Practice could look like.
  • Share progress and learning through ihub Learning Systems for Mental Health and SPSP.

It is anticpated this new workstream will launch in late 2021. For more information on the work of the co-design group contact us at his.mhportfolio@nhs.scot.