Spotlight on SPSP Medicines

SPSP Medicines contribute to the safer use of medicines across all care settings in Scotland – prioritising transitions, omissions and high risk medicines.

  Learn and share

  • Learn and share improvement work from Scotland and abroad to support a reduction in harm across transitions.

  Develop and standardise approach

  • Develop and standardise approach to reducing harm from high risk medicines underpinned by better prevention, recognition and response to deterioration.

  Reduce medicines administration omissions

  • Reduce medicines administration omissions in acute care settings and develop measures and data capture tools for improvement work.

  Be part of a learning community

  • Be part of a learning community across Scotland focused on medicines safety – sharing work from Scotland and beyond.

In all of its 10 years SPSP has had strategies relating to safe use of medicines woven into each of its programmes. The creation of SPSP Medicines two years ago has facilitated learning and sharing across Programmes, Boards and Partnerships, leading to a renewed interest in medicines safety across transitions, innovations relating to high risk medicines and non-administration of prescribed medicines." Arvind Veiraiah | National Clinical Lead, SPSP Medicines