We work with NHS boards, HSCPs and academia to develop and share learning on good practice in strategic planning to improve the way it is used to inform redesign and transformation in health and social care services in Scotland.

The Strategic Planning for Redesign Portfolio at Healthcare Improvement Scotland are a national specialist team for Strategic Planning. We are responsible for:

  • the ongoing development of good practice in strategic planning in the context of redesign and transformation
  • building the skills and capacity of strategic planners across health and social care organisations in Scotland
  • the delivery of strategic planning expertise across national improvement programmes.


In 2022, we undertook a strategic gap analysis to understand how we can best fulfil those three functions. This strategic gap analysis included discussions with leaders across the health and care system, a review of the relevant evidence, strategy and priorities, and our reflective practice from engagements and work we have done over the past 5 years. This work identified that there are four key functions that we can play as a team to support the delivery of good practice in strategic planning.

These are the need for the…

Creation of good practice

Curation of good practice

Embedding of good practice

And the Spreading of learning of good practice

…in strategic planning for redesign in health and social care across Scotland.


Support for teams undertaking strategic planning and commissioning across the whole system of health and care

We support teams across health and care by:

  • Providing specialist strategic planning expertise to national improvement, redesign and transformational programmes
  • Developing resources and tools for good practice in strategic planning
  • Facilitating strategic planning learning events
  • Synthesising and sharing learning to provide thought leadership in strategic planning
  • Contributing strategic planning insights to policy makers and senior decision-makers
  • Supporting strategic planning networks.


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