National Board Collaboration for Transformational Redesign Project

Developing a co-ordinated offer and approach to system-wide transformational change within health and social care, where the transformation has potential to benefit from national support.

The National Collaborative Programme Board

The eight National NHS Boards were brought together to work collaboratively in supporting the priorities described in national, regional and local plans and, identifying where transformational change is required.

To support system wide transformational redesign across health and social care there is need for a coordinated approach, to leverage the unique skills and assets of the National NHS Boards and other key partners (such as the Care Inspectorate, Improvement Service, and third and independent sector) to makes best use of scarce resources.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland and NHS National Services Scotland were asked to work together to lead the National Board Collaboration for Transformational Redesign Project, on behalf of the National NHS Boards Collaborative. You can read the full report here.

The National Board Collaboration for Transformational Redesign Project

This work was delivered in an Agile way, over a preparation phase and three consecutive 'sprints'. To ensure a successful collaboration, and to work at pace, independent support was commissioned to help deliver the sprints.

The project started with a review of the evidence around transformational change which drew out a number of successful features, including: communicating a vision of change, distributing leadership, learning and capability, emergent change in behaviours and processes, and service user and community engagement.

  • Sprint 2
  • Sprint 3

Key Points Identified

The full report and all documents relating to this project can be downloaded from the sidebar. If you have any further queries please contact