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National Skills Framework for Strategic Planning

During 2023-24, we have developed a National Skills Framework for Strategic Planning and are currently prototyping it with NHS Lothian, Clackmannanshire and Stirling HSCP, Dumfries and Galloway HSCP and Scottish Ambulance Service.

Strategic planners have a unique world view that plays a vital role in the planning and development of health and care services and support. Strategic planning can provide valuable insight on what support should be provided and how it should be provided. In the context of health and social care, the roles involved in strategic planning are less formally recognised in terms of career pathways. These strategic planning career pathways are better established in other industries. Due to the less formally recognised career and professional vocational pathway than other professionals, there is the natural variance in the specific areas of developed expertise. Health and care organisations are largely left to develop the strategic planning skills of their own teams and organisations.

The Strategic Planning National Skills Framework prototype is designed to support local planning teams identify and build the skills and competencies required to consistently implement good strategic planning within their organisations. It is designed to be used as a tool to frame conversations between staff members and their managers as part of the annual review process. When prototyping is completed the resource will be available for all NHS Boards and HSCPs in Scotland.

For more information on the National Skills Framework, please get in touch with the team

Rethinking Unscheduled Care: Planning for Unscheduled Care using a Whole System Approach

On 30 August 2023 we held a webinar on Planning for Unscheduled Care using a Whole System Approach. Read the Webinar summary.

Rethinking Unscheduled Care: Strategic Planning Considerations

In July 2023, we published a companion resource to the Rethinking Unscheduled Care Design Investigation. It considers these findings through a strategic planning lens to produce this companion resource, including actionable learning insights.

Access and download the report summary.

Access and download the full report.