Strategic Planning Portfolio
Zaid Tariq, Strategic Planning Portfolio Lead,

Health and social care organisations are working in complex systems with a number of interdependencies which can prove challenging when undertaking system redesign. Strategic Planning can assist health and social care organisations in understanding their complex systems, using a range of intelligence, to develop a robust picture and enable design and delivery of complex system redesign to improve outcomes for the population.


Strategic planning tools

  • Integrated System Flow (Integrated System Mapping)

Interconnected Systems Mapping provides a high level strategic visual overview of an integrated health, social care and community system for an identified population, using various perspective lenses. The ISM maps are coproduced with the community, and health and social care organisations, and use quantitative and qualitative intelligence to offer new insights into the interconnectedness of the system. These can indicate focus areas for further improvement or redesign work, and enable informed strategic decision-making.


  • High Resource Individuals (High Health Gain Individuals)

Promoting a focus on high resource/high health gain approaches to understanding population need as an area of strategic planning prioritisation.


  • Financial and Economic Modelling (Systems Modelling)

Systems Modelling provides a risk-free forecasting approach which can give confidence to decisions that affect system redesign, procurement, and commissioning. This tool is most useful for complex systems with many interconnecting variables, for example workforce planning, care home capacity modelling, and home care procurement forecasting. Real data is used to simulate the mechanics of the system, and enable scenario planning to determine the optimum combination of parameters to achieve a sustainable system.


Strategic Planning Support on new models of care

In some instances what is required to meet local population need is a new model of care, and this can be uncharted territory with the associated challenges that brings. Strategic Planning advice and support can assist in providing a focus for what the population need is, how this has been identified, and how this can be effectively described to facilitate local conversations and planning, in line with national policy and guidance.

Scottish approach to redesign

  • Design skills
  • Service user led design
  • Digital Innovation

Christine Owen, Improvement Advisor & Programme Lead,

Supporting health and social care teams to adopt innovative approaches in the design, development and delivery of large scale transformational change.

The ihub are working closely with a range of UK partners and the Office of the Chief Designer within Scottish Government to create and define a universal approach to service design and large scale transformational change that can be used in different settings across health and social care in Scotland.