Strategic Planning

What is strategic planning?

Health and social care organisations are working in complex systems, with a number of inter-dependencies which can prove challenging when undertaking system redesign.

Strategic planning can assist these organisations to better understand their systems. Strategic planning uses a range of tools and intelligence to develop a dynamic overview, one that can enable a system redesign to improve outcomes for the population.

Strategic planning support on new models of care

In some instances a new model of care is required to meet local population need. For some organisations it can be uncharted territory, with the associated challenges this brings. Strategic planning advice and support can assist in providing a focused identification and effective description of what the population need is, to facilitate local conversations and planning, in line with national policy and guidance.

Scottish approach to redesign

This approach combines service user-led design, digital and design skills to support health and social care teams adopt innovative approaches in the development and delivery of large-scale transformational change.

The ihub are working closely with a range of UK partners and the Office of the Chief Designer within Scottish Government to create and define a universal approach that can be used in different settings across health and social care in Scotland.

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