The people of Scotland expect technology and information systems to be part of how health and care services are delivered, and for that to be a seamless and almost invisible part of the process. They are enthused and excited about how the sector could embrace the opportunity to make people’s experience and use of services more straightforward and interactive, in the same way as banking, shopping and travel. They talk about the potential for digital technology to change the way that services are delivered for the better." Scotland's Digital Health and Care Strategy 2018

Technology and care

The ihub recognises that changes in technology can have a significant, positive impact on the development of new models of care.

See below a list of resources specific to technology in health and social care.

Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare

Technology and Innovation in Health and Social Care | The Scottish Parliament, Health and Sports Committee | Feb 2018

Connected Health: How digital technology is transforming health and social care | Deloitte, 2015

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