We work in partnership with [NHS boards, Health and Social Care partners, third sector providers, etc] to [overall purpose of all the programmes within this topic area]


[Short sentence based on unique selling point of the programme to introduce impact/benefits]:

  • [Key impact/benefit 1 - If it is an established programme, quote previous impact to demonstrate benefit with link to impact story for more info. If impact evidence isn't available yet then state anticipated benefit.]
  • [Key impact/benefit 2 - Minimum of three benefits, maximum of five]
  • [Key impact/benefit 3 - You can include impact of all programmes related to the topic area that have come to an end]
  • [Optional key impact/benefit 4]
  • [Optional key impact/benefit 5]


We do this by working in partnership with [customer groups in the service and key delivery partners] to:


Get involved

[Target participants] can apply to join [programme name] to [programme aim]. We close for applications on [Monday 31 December 2025] and the programme is due to begin by [Month year].

[Target participants] can register to join the [webinar/events title] on [Monday 31 December 2025].

You can access the [learning system name] to learn more about [learning system topic area] and share your learning by [process for user to share learning].

All [Target user] can access our resources for improving [topic area] and QI guides on the QI Zone.

You can keep up to date with our work by subscribing to the ihub connect newsletter or by following [twitter label] on twitter.


Get in touch

Email us at [email address] if you have a question about our work or if you would like to speak to a member of the team.