Case studies 

We will soon be publishing the following case studies to provide more information and learning about how these particular teams are progressing with implementing a value management approach.

  • Day Medicine in NHS Forth Valley provides day-time treatments to patients under the care of a variety of specialties. Their positive experiences with value management included using the approach to switch patients to community-based administration of some drugs reducing the need for patients to attend hospital, and improving the information given to GPs on discharge.


  • Easter Ross Community Mental Health Team in NHS Highland provides adult, substance misuse and older adult mental health services. This team have made value management part of the way they work despite the considerable communication barriers of remote working in a rural area lacking reliable internet access. One example of how they have used the approach is to engage with local GPs on how to optimise the referral process to ensure patients get the right care in the right place more quickly and efficiently.


  • Philipshill Spinal Unit in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde provides rehabilitation following spinal injuries, with patients staying for a considerable length of time (approximately 4-5 months on average). This team decided to focus on Joy at Work during COVID-19 and there is widespread agreement that the team culture has developed markedly to one of valuing and listening to all, and acting to improve staff and patient experience. Numerous quality improvement projects have either been completed or are underway.