Dentistry Safety Climate Survey now open

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP) has launched the Dentistry Safety Climate Survey today.

It is designed to help all dental practices in Scotland to understand what impacts on the safety of the care they provide and to identify what improvements they can make.

Safety climate surveys have already been used in GP practices, pharmacies and some dental practices as a pilot to help make care safer.

The dentistry survey is a tool that allows teams to measure and better understand their current safety climate within their practice. The results can then be used to start planning their own quality improvements.

Irene Black, Dental Clinical Lead at Healthcare Improvement Scotland said:

"The survey provides a great opportunity for the whole dental team to share their view of patient care and safety. It will enable everyone to reflect on how they can contribute to improve patient care. It is a positive experience and the results will help us shape even safer care for our patients."

All dental practices in Scotland are encouraged to take part.

The survey is open until March 2020.

More information about how to register and take part is on our Quality Improvement in Dental Practice web pages.