Download MCQIC Webinar Resources

Download resources from the MCQIC Webinar focusing on the Preterm Perinatal Wellbeing Package (PPWP) - successes, challenges and next steps on Thursday 19 May 2022

Chaired by Dr Lynsey Still, MCQIC Neonatal Clinical Lead, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, this webinar focused on the Preterm Perinatal Wellbeing Package of care (PPWP), a vital initiative in improving outcomes for preterm babies across neonatal and maternity teams.

This webinar aimed to:

  • highlight the importance of perinatal optimisation and standardisation of preterm care
  • discuss successes and challenges of the wellbeing package, and
  • agree on the next steps in further improving outcomes for our most vulnerable babies.

Resources are now available to download

- Webinar presentation - full PDF

- Reading List to accompany webinar

- Webinar Recording

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