One organisation, many parts, one purpose

The Improvement Hub is supporting health and social care organisations to design and deliver services that better meet the changing needs of people in Scotland.
Launched on 1 April 2016, Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s ihub is a resource to support organisations in Scotland to improve the quality of health and social care services.

People in Scotland are living longer, healthier lives and, as the needs of our society are changing, so too are the nature and form of our health and social services.
Our current health and social care system needs to change to cope with the demand that will be generated by our ageing population.

The 2015-16 Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) Annual Report highlights how health and social care services across Scotland are undergoing unprecedented transformational change in the way services are organised and delivered in order to be fit for the future. A range of ihub work programmes are featured in this years HIS Annual Report including;

A package of improvement support for the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership, provided by Ihub’s TRIST team. Helping the partnership to address their local priorities, including supporting the partnership to deliver change, and to understand the benefits of this change for itself and for local service users, and developing evaluation to understand how the partnership is learning about the process of change they are going through and how that learning can be used to accelerate the pace of change.

Our Living Well in Communities team also featured with their programme of helping Health and Social Care Partnerships throughout Scotland to understand how their local populations use health and social care services, and supporting them to develop services in the most effective way. One example of the teams worked featured was their initiative with the Public Health and Intelligence Division of NHS National Services Scotland to help partnerships explore pathways of care for those patients that receive the most support and resources within their local community.

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