How we are supporting the implementation of safe and effective care navigation processes and pathways

Effective care navigation enables better use of GP practice and wider primary care resources to help patients be seen by the right person, at the right time and in the right place.

The ihub's Primary Care Improvement Portfolio has a new Care Navigation in General Practice 10-Step Guide and a series of online workshops which provide practical guidance on how to set up or review care navigation processes and pathways within general practice.

Since March 2018, the ihub's Practice Administrative Staff Collaborative (PASC) has worked with over 200 practices across Scotland to develop, test and scale up safe and effective care navigation processes within GP practices using quality improvement methods and shared learning opportunities.

New guide
To support resilience in primary care services during COVID-19, we developed the Care Navigation in General Practice: 10-Step Guide (PDF) to support general practices to implement safe and effective care navigation processes.

This guide brings together the key processes, resources and insights developed through PASC's work into one document. It is designed to support practice teams to either set up their care navigation processes or rapidly review existing processes to improve patient outcomes and sustain practice resilience and sustainability.

Online workshop series and further resources
To support the implementation of this guide, we are offering an extensive package of practical support including:

  • a series of 1-hour virtual workshops (from 2 to 15 December 2020)
  • access to practical bespoke support.

Register for our Care Navigation workshops to find out how to implement safe and effective processes for Care Navigation.

You can access resources to support implementing Care Navigation on our Care Navigation Toolkit web page.

For information and resources to support the communication of changes to primary care services in response to COVID-19, download the Primary Care Communications Toolkit.

Contact us for further details about the support available: