Working together for maximum impact

Read the real life stories in the ihub’s Impact Report 2017-18 about how we improve health and social care services.

Our new Impact Report 2017-18 describes how we are working in partnership with health and social care organisations across Scotland to deliver better health and wellbeing outcomes.

All our work is co-designed, co-owned and co-delivered with the aim of building local improvement capacity to meet local needs.

The stories in our report bring to life the wide-ranging impact of the work, providing a flavour of what is possible when we take a systematic approach to improvement that puts people at its heart. We demonstrate evidence of improvements through facts and figures and through the voices of the people who have benefited from our work.

For example, we share how our work to support improvements in fetal monitoring across Scotland’s maternity services has affected one Lanarkshire family. Anna is mum to three children: Rosie, Scott, and Alice. All pregnancies were deemed high risk and unfortunately her son Scott was stillborn. Understandably, given the sad passing of her son, Anna was extremely anxious when she later became pregnant with Alice.

While under the care of the multi professional team, Anna and her midwife had a discussion regarding fetal movement, the importance of monitoring her unique pattern of movement and who to call if she had any concerns.

Anna attributes the safe, early delivery of her daughter Alice to the advice she received about fetal movement. This gave Anna the confidence to contact the team. She also suggests regular monitoring had detected possible deterioration in Alice’s wellbeing, which resulted in the decision to deliver her early. These interventions in care mean Alice is here today – safe, healthy, and thriving.

Read more examples of our impact, as told through the voices of the people who work in or benefit from health and social care services, in our Impact Report 2017-18.

We couldn’t achieve any of this without the dedication and commitment of those involved in supporting and delivering health and social care across Scotland. We look forward to continuing to work together to make improvements which positively impact on the health and wellbeing outcomes of people in Scotland.