ihub launches two new collaboratives in Primary Care

GP clusters - apply now to join

The ihub's Primary Care portfolio has launched two new collaboratives that aim to improve the outcomes and the care people experience in GP practices.

Practice Administrative Staff Collaborative 2

The Practice Administrative Staff Collaborative (PASC) 2 is spreading the learning from PASC 1 to 200 more GP practices across Scotland. GP practices will implement the workflow optimisation and care navigation tools and resources created during PASC 1.

GP practices that have already implemented workflow optimisation have shown that they have saved up to five hours of GP time each week.


The Pharmacotherapy Level 1 Collaborative is also building on the learning from PASC 1 and will support pharmacy staff who are working in GP practices. This collaborative will give these important team members quality improvement skills where they will tailor the resources created in PASC 1 and apply them to pharmacy related documents and communications such as repeat prescribing and discharge letters.

Jill Gillies, portfolio lead for Primary Care said:

"These two pieces of work will bring real gains to GP practices. Both collaboratives are designed to help free up GPs' time allowing them to focus on their patients and the often complex care that they need.

"If there is a GP cluster of a Health and Social Care Partnership thinking about applying but hasn't yet done so, I’d recommend that they do it. These collaboratives will bring a range of benefits to staff in GP practices and the communities they care for."

How to apply

Both collaboratives are open for applications until 23 August 2019. Here's how to apply: