New Dementia Care Co-ordination Change Package

Launching the new Dementia Care Co-ordination Improvement Programme (post-diagnostic support (PDS) and care co-ordination) Change Package. 

We are pleased to share our latest Dementia Care Co-ordination Change Package.

About the Dementia Care Co-ordination change package

The aim of this change package is to support community dementia services to improve the quality of PDS and integrated care co-ordination for people living with dementia and carers across Health and Social Care Partnerships in Scotland. It supports integration by facilitating communication and collaboration of community, social and health care, maximising the unique contribution of each.

This change package has been created for the programme from the quality improvement (QI) work Focus on Dementia has already undertaken to:

What is a change package?

The change package consists of a number of high-level outcomes supported by activities that when tested and implemented, bring about improvement. It brings together what is known about good practice and processes based on evidence from literature, research, and the experiences of others.

What new resources are available to support improvement?

The change package which includes a driver diagram, change ideas, measures, and links to supporting evidence and resources.

Health and Social Care Partnerships wishing to improve PDS and care co-ordination can download the change package.

Email us at if you have a question about the change package or would like to speak to a member of the team.