New Frailty Change Package

Launching the new Frailty Improvement and Implementation Programme Change Package

We are pleased to share our latest frailty change package.  

About the frailty change package

The change package is designed to support community, acute or integrated teams to:

Improve the experience of and access to person centered, coordinated health and social care, for people living with or at the risk of frailty.

This change package is being shared in advance of the Frailty Improvement and Implementation Programme, which will launch in 2023. The programme builds on learning from the Frailty at the Front Door Collaborative and Living and Dying Well with Frailty Collaborative, as well as the 90 Day Learning Cycle.

What is a change package?

The change package consists of a number of high-level outcomes supported by activities that when tested and implemented, bring about improvement. It brings together what is known about good practice and processes based on evidence from literature, research, and the experiences of others.

How was the change package developed?

The change package was co-designed with two Expert Reference Groups between May and August 2022. The membership of the Expert Reference Groups was diverse including professionals with frailty expertise from across disciplines, sectors, and regions. It has also been informed by organisations and individuals with a focus on lived and living experience.

What new resources are available to support improvement?