The ihub’s Primary Care Improvement Portfolio supported six health and social care partnerships across Scotland to improve GP practice processes.

Our new Workflow Optimisation Digital Toolkit is the output from the Practice Administrative Staff Collaborative (PASC).

Together we found that by managing clinical correspondence differently and using Workflow Optimisation principles, data from 17 practices showed that the number of documents requiring GP involvement was reduced by 44% on average. This meant that, on average, 5,258 fewer documents were seen by GPs each week in these practices.

Implementing the new toolkit releases GPs' time to focus on patients and more complex work. 

It also ensures that processes are in place for documents to be dealt with by trained administrative staff in a timely, safe and efficient way, and supports the development of practice administrative staff roles.

Redirecting paperwork in this manner led one GP from Clackmannanshire (NHS Forth Valley) to conclude:

"Workflow optimisation has been a revelation in our practice. I now spend just a fraction of the time managing documents."

Our toolkit is an online resource with four sections. You’ll find:

  • a readiness tool,
  • delivery advice,
  • progress measurement templates, and
  • success sustainability top tips.

There's also a video that explains Workflow Optimisation in under two minutes.