Sharing learning globally on how to implement QI at scale and speed

In the first BMJ Live session, 'Implementing video consultation in response to COVID-19' Michelle Miller, who leads our dementia and mental health improvement portfolios, talked about Healthcare Improvement Scotland's contribution to the rapid roll out of NHS Near Me, a national video-conferencing platform.

Of her speech, Michelle said:

"This was a great opportunity to share learning with people around the world, from Italy to Qatar to Hong Kong, on how to rapidly implement quality improvement at scale."

To find out more, fast forward the video to start at 25 minutes in, to watch Michelle's 12 minute talk.

What we did
In response to COVID-19, we worked in partnership with the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care (TEC) and Digital Healthcare Innovation Directorate this summer to roll out NHS Near Me across Primary Care, Mental Health Services, Maternity and Paediatric Care.

The Healthcare Improvement Scotland team provided implementation support and improvement coaching to NHS board teams, developed a range of resources to support services in their own testing and established a national learning system to enable rapid transfer of learning across Scotland.

Find out more about how we rapidly implemented support for NHS Near Me, and what we learned, in our Evaluation.

Reaching a global audience
The BMJ Live session was part of a conference attracting around 5,000 international delegates and, despite being the final one of the conference – and on a Saturday – the session attracted 355 attendees from around the world. With three presenters from far flung vicinities of the UK, the delegates were entertained by the range of accents, including our own Michelle's melodic Ayrshire tones.

Michelle said the experience had been a positive one:

"Using a digital platform to deliver what would otherwise have been an in person presentation to hundreds of delegates was a new experience, but reflected the subject matter of the session. We were fully supported with IT and were well-prepared, having had a briefing beforehand facilitated by BMJ."

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