The Access QI collaborative: Project Surgery 3 - Gynaecology

The Access QI collaborative is helping ENT, Gynaecology, Urology, and other elective care services use quality improvement (QI) methods to sustainably and affordably improve waiting times.

The Access QI collaborative is currently supporting elective care services across Scotland to sustainably improve waiting times using quality improvement methods.

Recently, participating Gynaecology services came together at one of the collaborative's project surgeries. The purpose of the session was for teams to share their project learning and receive support from the Access QI team and their peers.

One team reported early signs of improvement in their Post-Menopausal Bleed (PMB) pathway. Their work has focused on waiting list validation and testing of a series of same-day hysteroscopy clinics. Initial testing and patient feedback have shown positive results which the team will continue to track.

Another team reported progress on their work on the Treatment Time Guarantee (TTG) and their patient pathway as a whole. Using the Demand, Capacity and Queue (DCAQ) tool has helped them understand their system and identify key areas for improvement. They are planning to trial the ‘Golden Patient’ initiative across their sites. Click here for more information on the ‘Golden Patient’. They are also developing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to reduce variation in practice.

The final team shared details of their hysteroscopy clinics. They outlined their scan and scope ratios, clinic staffing complements and clinic logistics. Sharing their practices generated further discussion, reflection and learning amongst participants.

To ensure participating teams continue to receive the right support throughout the remainder of the collaborative, we asked what help would be of most value over the coming months. The teams responded that continuing to share their learning was most valuable. As they are often experiencing the same challenges they want to keep learning from each other. Access to bespoke support (e.g. specific evidence reviews, team coaching and guidance) from the collaborative was also appreciated and will continue to be provided.

The Access QI collaborative’s next event is learning session 6. Taking place on 22 November 2023 the session will focus on sustaining and sharing improvement initiatives.

This phase of the Access QI collaborative is now entering its final stage. Participating teams are currently testing their change ideas. Their results and learning will be shared at the end of the programme in February 2024.